‘Fairytale’ Bling Box and Bling Pen

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‘Fairytale’ Bling Box w/ Wax Tip Pen

Choice of 4mm or 5mm rhinestones.

Stored in a durable case, with each container having it’s own individual snap-tight lid, to ensure your rhinestones stay safe and secure.

Colors included:

- Solid White (0.6 oz)

- Lt. Pink AB Jelly (0.6 oz)

- Transparent Pink AB (0.6 oz)

- Lt. Amethyst AB Jelly (0.6 oz)

- Transparent Lt. Amethyst AB (0.6 oz)

- Lt. Sapphire AB Jelly (0.6 oz)

- Transparent Lt. Sapphire AB (0.6 oz)

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