20oz Double Wall Glass Can Tumbler

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Double wall glass can tumbler with hole on bottom, includes bamboo lid, clear glass straw and clear plastic straw.

Quantity: 1

Size: 20oz inside capacity, 25oz outside wall

**Can be used for sublimation!**

Using an oven (356°F for 6 minutes) to sublimate on these is recommended.
Do not use extreme pressure if using a heat press. Use light pressure; 356° for 1 minute is recommended.


  • Do not seal the hole or put anything inside before sublimating.
  • Avoid extreme heat after sealing (ex. do not leave inside your car on a hot summer day) Do not heat in any way after it has been sealed.
  • These are suitable for drinking cold or warm water, but not hot water. Recommended maximum temperature is 140°F.

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