Ambassador Terms

Crafty Cup Source ambassadors agree to the following:

  • Not misusing or sharing private ambassador code (this is not the code you personally selected and share publicly).
  • Not being an ambassador for other cup supplier brands.
  • Not claiming to be in direct ownership or formally employed by Crafty Cup Source. We will contact you directly if you are required to file any paperwork for tax purposes.
  • Not to make disparaging comments regarding Crafty Cup Source for whatever reason

We reserve the right to remove ambassadors at any time for any reason, with or without notice prior to removal.

Reasons for removal from ambassador program can include:

  • Misuse of public and/or private ambassador code.
  • No contact/no response to emails.
  • Little or no use of public ambassador code by customers.
  • Lack of online presence or no longer in business.
  • Accepting a role as ambassador for another cup supplier.
  • Speaking poorly of our brand, publicly or privately.

Ambassadors may not have members of their family, roommates, friends, etc. who share their same address place orders using their ambassador code. This takes advantage of the program and our (already generous) payout percentage. Please use the private ambassadors only code to place personal orders and receive your 10% ambassador discount. Misuse of ambassador code will result in immediate removal from ambassador program.

We respectfully ask that you do not contact us to request an earlier/advance payout. We intentionally have a delay between payout periods to avoid paying out on orders that may have received a refund or have a return. Thank you for your understanding!



Terms updated July 2022